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Honda Wow Dog carYou like dogs. Your boyfriend like cars. You both would like Honda then :) Honda WOW - Wonderful Open-hearted Wagon. By the way, your dog would like this minivan too! Honda believes you and your four-legged friend should be able to travel together in comfort, and supports dogs and their drivers with a range of fun events. And, believit or not, WOW is stil should be as every other Honda - pleasant to drive. Because of the low center of gravity and wide stance of the body, ride should be lively and stable.

The special features start with seats that can be transformed into a crate where you can safely leave a dog, and flexible vents that introduce streams of fresh air into the cabin. The unique low-floor platform allows for a surprisingly spacious cabin within a compact body. As can be seen in the pictures below, you can almost stand in the cabin, because of the low floor and special ceiling, like buses have.
Honda Wow Easy-getin
To maximize canine appreciation, the interior is fashioned with materials like wooden flooring that recreate a terrace environment dogs feel comfortable with. Instead of airbags and comfortable seats, Honda suggest dog crates. It's in the front, instead of the second seat row (if you like to) and in the back. Sad, that in case of accident your dog would be your airbag, thus saving your life. But that's why we like dogs - they are so friendly, they could sacrifice theyr life for yours :)

Honda Wow Booth

The standard configuration of the interior is four individual seats, but six can be accommodated when you slide the rear seat to the back and pull out the extra seat stowed in the floor. Or the seatback and cushion of the extra seat can be detached to form a crate for a larger dog.

Honda Wow Interiuor-combinations

Slightly smaller than a Civic, the 157-inch W.O.W. has front and rear sliding doors on either side and a pair of big commercial-style doors at the back. Honda provided no engine details, but should the W.O.W. make it into production, it would likely have a 1.5-liter four.

Honda Wow Stand
Honda Wow Lead

Honda Wow Locker

The low, flat floor and wide door openings provide easy access for everyone, from children and senior passengers to canine companions. The powered swing- and-slide side doors open wide to the front and back, and the 70:30 vertically split rear tailgate provides easy access from the back. Thanks to the center walk-through, you step in at the tailgate and move freely all the way to the front of the cabin.

Honda Wow Tokyo2005-open-doorsHonda Wow Ventilation

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